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Rebecca Chapel Church   147 Moran Ave. Dunbar, WV 25064



At Rebecca Chapel, we believe:


  • In the verbal, plenary and inerrant inspiration of the Old and New Testaments as originally written; that these Holy Scriptures have been preserved in all essential respects, and that such is infallible and the only rule of faith and practice.


  • In the Virgin Birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


  • That Christ died for our sins upon the cross, having borne our sins in His own body, and that His death was voluntary, substitutionary, in our place and stead, and that full atonement was made in His infinite sacrifice.


  • In the bodily resurrection, from the dead of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


  • In the literal ascension of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


  • In the constant intercession of our LORD JESUS CHRIST for His redeemed.


  • In the personal, bodily return of our LORD JESUS CHRIST in great power and glory.